Journal Prompt #2 – Beginning Your Healing Journey

Journal Prompt

Now that you’ve identified what areas in your life are in need of healing, it’s time to start thinking about how you will work on healing yourself as you embark on your journey. In your notebook, make a list of 2-5 things you can do to assist you in your healing journey. For example, two of the ways I have been working to heal from heartbreak have been through therapy and meditation.

My therapist allows me to process my grief and trauma and also uplifts me and lets me know that I am worthy. By talking about my experience, I’m able to release what no longer serves me. 

On the other hand, meditation allows me to sit with my thoughts and feelings. It’s often excruciatingly painful, and my anxiety creeps up as I think about the situations that transpired. However, after sitting with them for awhile I am able to release them while still in meditation. For this, guided mediations have been my best friend. I’ve done a cord cutting meditation that allows me to get out everything I need/want to say to my ex and afterward, I envision a blue cord of energy between us and I use a pair of scissors to cut it. It’s hard. It’s emotional. But it’s healing. Remember: You have to feel in order to heal. 

Another way I’ve been healing the hurt is through writing. Journaling, writing poetry and other creative writing projects allow me to release my painful feelings. There is nothing like getting it all out on paper. I really recommend writing for anyone who is beginning their journey.

So, what steps are you going to take to begin your healing journey?

I want to remind you that doing the inner work and healing isn’t easy and is often exhausting. Once you really start digging deep, peeling back layers, and unpacking bags, there will be moments when you feel like shit. Don’t let this consume or deter you. Remember, you’re doing this for yourself. If you’re struggling after you complete your journal prompt, please practice some self-care. I love you.

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

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