The Art of Letting Go

Letting go is something I have always struggled with. For years, I’ve held on to painful memories and allowed things that happened in the past to rule my life. I’ve bandaged up my wounds but never truly allowed them to heal. This has made finding peace of mind difficult and made it hard to maintain […]

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9/1/22 – Journal Entry

Today’s meditation nourished my heart and allowed me to reconnect with myself. I received numerous divine downloads. The beautiful thing about practicing meditation is that it gives you a chance to truly sit with yourself. It allows you to sit with any painful or uncomfortable emotions and feel them deeply. It allows you to process […]

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How Experiencing Domestic Violence Taught Me to Love Myself

Since 2017, I’ve found myself engulfed in multiple abusive relationships. I left one relationship in which I’d been experiencing physical and emotional abuse for months, only to enter another relationship that turned abusive during the end.  Experiencing domestic violence took a toll on my overall well-being. Physically, my bruises healed, but mentally I was still […]

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