Short Stories

Incarcerated Letters

Synopsis – Incarcerated Letters is a short story taking place in Sunitha Drew’s jail cell. Throughout each chapter, which is in the form of letters, Sunitha writes of living through sexual abuse, and the very thing that led to her incarceration: attempted murder. In between flashbacks, Sunitha teams up with a lawyer who has her own painful past. With someone from the law on her side, Sunitha may receive the closure and justice she deserves.

Incarcerated Letters – Letter One: Flashbacks

Incarcerated Letters – Letter Two: The Visitor

Incarcerated Letters – Letter Three: Hero in Disguise

Incarcerated Letters – Letter Four: Back To the Past

Incarcerated Letters – Letter Five: The Truth

Incarcerated Letters – Letter Six: Verdict

Between the Lines

Synopsis – Between the Lines is a short story about a woman named Kim whose been living a picture-perfect life for the past 16 years. That life comes crashing down when she’s forced to look betrayal in the eyes. It’s a fictional story centered around marriage, heartbreak, and murder. Be advised, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Between the Lines – Part One

Between the Lines – Part Two

Between the Lines – Part Three

Between the Lines – Part Four