Hello! I started this blog to share my voice with the world. A little about me, I’ve been writing since my mother birthed me… or so it seems. It’s always been my “escape”. My outlet. The contents of my blog will vary as I don’t want to limit myself to one specific area. That being said, you can expect mental health related posts, poetry, inspirational/motivational posts, short stories and other things I feel will be beneficial to myself and others.

Aside from writing I’m also passionate about working with children and mental health.

This page is dedicated to updating my readers on what’s new with itsjaimaries’ blog!

Itsjaimarie is a blog I started in 2015 as a way to share my voice and inspire others. As a writer, I don’t box myself into one category. However, recently my blog has shifted its focus to mental health. I’ve shared my own personal struggle as well as published numerous posts sharing facts and trying to spread awareness.

Currently, I’m posting a new blog post every Sunday. These posts are about all things mental health. Also, check out my post on how daily meditation helped me find peace.

Some of the other posts you can read are short stories and book reviews. I have two short stories available now!

Between the Lines is a short story about a woman named Kim whose been living a picture-perfect life for the past 16 years. That life comes crashing down when she’s forced to look betrayal in the eyes. It’s a fictional story centered around marriage, heartbreak, and murder. Be advised, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Incarcerated Letters is a short story taking place in Sunitha Drew’s jail cell. Throughout each chapter, which are in the form of letters, Sunitha writes of living through sexual abuse, and the very thing that led to her incarceration: attempted murder. In between flashbacks, Sunitha teams up with a lawyer who has her own painful past. With someone from the law on her side, Sunitha may receive the closure and justice she deserves.

If you enjoy reading I’d appreciate you checking out both of these stories and letting me know your thoughts.

I’ve always considered myself a writer, even before sharing my poetry online and creating a blog. I’ve talked about how I’ve been writing since I was about 5 or 6. Recently, something in me sparked and I realized I wanted to take my passion for writing more seriously. That includes my blog and poetry among other things I’d rather do than say. Many of us know how easy it is to say, “I’m going to do this.” or “I want to do that.” Then take little to no action to make it happen. I’m choosing to no longer be that person. I’d like to encourage all of you to do the same!

I truly hope your year is full of self-love, growing, and healing whatever needs to be mended.

P.S. – If my blog resonates with you be sure to follow so that you’re notified when I publish a new post!
– Jai


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