Strength + Growth

“You’ve taught me things that no teacher of mine ever could.” At about midnight, opening my notebook I began to write. Poetry began to flow from places I had no idea were still open. As it came I felt tears swelling in my eyes. This was it.. a place I had not been to in […]

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Morning Motivation

 “This is your life.. those are your goals.. that is your school work. It is up to you to pick yourself back up after falling. Happiness and success will not be handed to you.” I do not wake up every morning feeling positive.. feeling sure. There are days I would much rather power off my […]

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Home – 10/15/15

I experience peace in the shower. Although I break down and sob.. it is the greatest feeling because I let down my wall. Mom’s been drinking. And my brother spends his evenings in the garage. So I am alone. Pulling my knees up to my breasts.. droplets of water attack my face. Sometimes I think about […]

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