Journal Prompt #1 – Acknowledge the Hurt

Journal Prompt #1

In what areas of your life are you hurting? What is in need of healing?

Grab your notebook and pen/pencil and answer these two questions. Be honest with yourself as you sit and ponder on what areas of you are in pain. I believe the first step to healing is assessing your life and realizing you’re in need of healing.

When I first embarked on my journey, I had already been to hell and back a few times. I’d already been at my lowest. I’d sat in the darkness and battled many times with my demons. It was a repeating cycle until one day I finally had an “enough is enough” moment. I started getting serious about my healing journey. It’s no secret that I’m dealing with heartache and loss. This is an example of an area in my life I’m working to heal from. I could make a lengthy list of other parts of me that need to heal as well, but I’ll save you the time. 

As you journal, I encourage you to really dive deep. What keeps coming up for you or is a recurring theme in your life? What causes you to become triggered? Write about it. Let it all out. Allow yourself to feel, you must feel in order to heal.

Remember to make time for self-care today, I love you.

If you’re open to sharing, I’d love to hear about what you wrote down. Shoot me an email or DM me on instagram, @itsjaimarie.

Photo by Melissa Westbrook on Unsplash

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