Mindset Monday – Getting Out of Stuck

Lately I’ve been allowing myself to just be. Whether this means being productive, or being idle… I’ve been allowing myself to do what feels right. With this has come some unproductivity. There have been a few days these past weeks where the only thing that felt right was staying in bed… everything else felt like too much. Which is why I haven’t done much, including blog. Being aware, I know my lack of wanting to do anything could be due to the possible oncoming of a depressive episode. However, in allowing myself to just be, I’m not beating myself up for it.

We can be hard on ourselves when we feel like we’re not accomplishing enough. We see everything we “need” to do and yet, we’re stuck. I’ve seen several posts on social media from people discussing how they had a solid plan for the new year and have yet to “get started” or meet their expectations. While I can relate, it’s only January 14th. I’m a firm believer in it never being too late to start. If you’re like me and started the year feeling stuck, here’s a few helpful tips to help you transition.


  1. Release yourself from expectations. If you feel you’re behind, there’s a chance you’ve set your expectations high. While there’s nothing wrong with aiming for the sky, it can lead to disappointment when we have setbacks.
  2. Make a detailed plan. A detailed plan gives you more motivation and a clearer picture because you know what the next step is.
  3. Start with just one thing. Once you have a detailed plan you can start to work your way through it. When we’re stuck, our to-do list looks like our worst enemy. Each day, start with one thing to help you transition out of being stuck.
  4. Take another look at your goals/resolutions/intentions. For me, this helps me remember why I started. Remind yourself of what you want and start thinking/planning how to achieve it.


I hope these tips are useful! Take care.


Photo Cred: Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash

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