Mindset Monday – Reflection

It’s December! With the year coming to an end I thought it’d be the perfect time to sit and reflect. I spent some time this past week looking through old journals as well as reviewing the goals I wrote down at the beginning of the year. This allowed me to see my growth over the years and all I’ve accomplished within this past year.

I giggled and teared up at my writings. Reading them reminded me of how I gave my heart to writing long ago. It inspired me.


This year flew by! I swear this time last year I was sitting in my moms kitchen telling her I wanted to be a Freelance Writer. I wanted to offer writing services and get paid to do so. Fast forward to November 22, 2018 – I booked my first writing client. What started as a dream came to fruition sooner than I imagined.

As I reflect on my goals for 2018, I realize I accomplished more than I’ve given myself credit for. From getting back into school to starting Jai Tutors (my tutoring service), and taking better care of myself. I not only talked the talk this year but I also walked the walk.

Today, I simply want to encourage you to take a moment and reflect on 2018.

What have you accomplished?

How have you grown?

What areas did you struggle in?

What did you let go of?

What did you gain?

Write or type out your answers and feel free to share them with me in the comment section.

Happy Monday!

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