Celebrating My Birthday

On June 16th I celebrated my birthday. I met the day with gratitude for the next chapter of my life. In the weeks leading up to my birthday, I was a little bummed to know I’d be spending most of the day alone. Last year, I celebrated with friends, and I hoped this year would be the same, but things didn’t work out that way. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the day. I started my day with meditation and I did a tarot reading on myself. I blasted my favorite songs while cooking a delicious breakfast and sipping a cup of coffee. The rest of my day consisted of getting dressed up and having a picnic at the park. My mom also came by with a cake.

I remember being younger and thinking I wouldn’t live to be an adult. Mental illness robbed me of so much of my childhood and I was certain I’d lose my battle with depression. But here I am… celebrating another year. A new chapter. Learning to be happy and to love myself. Learning to be whole on my own. I love the woman I’m growing to be and I’m eternally grateful for everything I have and everything I am. 

At this moment, I am content. And do I dare say I’m happy? I’m celebrating myself for how far I’ve come and all that I’ve accomplished.

I’m ready for this next part of my journey. I welcome everything it has for me with open arms.

An affirmation to carry with you: I am eternally grateful for every part of my healing journey.

I’ve included a few pictures from yesterday.

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