Healers Need Healing Too – Poetry

If my depression wins and I take myself out,

I hope everyone knows how much they mean to me.

I’ve fought tirelessly for years and I think my time is near

I’m tired of being a healer because sometimes healers need healing

I need saving…

If I lose my battle with mental illness,

I don’t think anyone would miss me

I’ve been a burden most of my life

I’ve had over 10 suicide attempts and I just can’t figure out,

Why GOD keeps me here to torture me

GOD, can’t you see?

I need saving.

Saving from this hell on earth

Saving from the pain embedded in my heart strings

I paint a smile on my face most days and put on my cape

It’s time for me to save another life

But how can I?

How can I rescue everyone else while I’m dying inside myself

I place bandages on my open wounds and hope they don’t bleed through

I force my depression to keep quiet so I don’t disturb others

It’s time to save another life


It’s time for me to say goodbye

Sometimes the healer needs healing

GOD, please save me

Photo by Christina Deravedisian on Unsplash

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