Mindset Monday – Seeking Inspiration

Inspiration. It’s something we go looking for when we need a dose of creativity. It’s also something that finds us. A few days ago I took to Instagram to ask others what inspires them. This prompted me to turn inward and journal about what inspires me. Here’s what I listed:

  • Who I am
  • Who I was
  • My pain
  • Other peoples pain
  • Nature
  • Children
  • Books
  • Movies
  • T.V. Shows
  • Podcasts
  • Colorful things
  • Being challenged
  • Pictures
  • My brain
  • Creativity
  • Old poems
  • Old journal entries
  • Quotes
  • Conversations

I’m inspired by various things but I also recognize some of what I listed won’t always inspire me. True inspiration comes from within.

Last week, I worked out Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. I didn’t do this because someone told me I needed to. I did this because living a healthier lifestyle and shedding weight is something I want. My inspiration came from sitting with myself and having a much needed conversation. That’s not the only thing I felt called to do. I also spent more time working on my two very small, but real, businesses. I launched my tutoring services back in September and my writing services this month. In the past week, I’ve spent so much time planning and creating because the inspiration was alive and kicking me to do something with it.

I believe the world is full of inspiration but I also believe everything we seek is already within us. Some days, we’ll find inspiration in a quote or a book but it’s nothing if we don’t take the steps necessary to achieve what it is we’ve set out to do. 

This week, whether inspiration comes from within or from something you see, I encourage you to embrace it.

P.S. Check out this weeks self-care tip over on Instagram.

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