Peace & Coffee


8:18 AM

Journal Entry

There’s something so peaceful about watching the sky turn from dusk to dawn. Watching the moon fade away as the sun begins to make its appearance. Different hues of pink, orange, black, and blue make the scenery beautiful. As I stood on my front porch this morning, sipping my coffee and enjoying the fresh air, I felt something come over me. A wave of serenity. I began snapping photos of the sky. Saving them to share online and just to have memories to look back on. I then decided I wanted to finish off with no distractions. So I took my phone back inside placing it on the chair in the living room. I enjoy sharing parts of my life on my social sites but sometimes it’s good to disconnect and have an experience to yourself, by yourself. The quietness and stillness of the morning was soothing to my soul.

No more than 5 minutes as I stepped back into the house, made my way to my desk, and attempted to sit my coffee mug down. The coffee that remained spilt. I let out one or two “oh fuck’s” but then I paused and reminded myself to breathe. I repeated “it’s ok, it’s ok” while cleaning up the spill. I’m a person of very little patience and a situation like this would usually piss me off for about 20 or 30 minutes… but I realized it wasn’t that serious.

Yes, I truly believe it’s because I made time at the start of my morning to do something that filled me with joy.

8:31 AM

As I grow, I’m finding that simplicity makes me happy. I’d like to encourage you reading this to do something today that makes you happy. Something that makes your day. Something that inspires you to be at your best.

– Jai


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