Journal Entry – Spirituality


4 PM

Some people think the spiritual journey is filled with love and light all the time but this is untrue. During the journey of awakening, during the journey of healing and transforming into your higher self, you’ll face your demons. You’ll spend ays or maybe weeks or months in the darkness. You’ll start to wonder if you’ll ever see the light because all your pain and trauma, all the shit that has happened to you is weighing you down. It’s trying to hold you back. To keep you from the light. Only by dealing with your pain and the hurt embedded in your heart will you truly walk the path of freedom.

This journey is more than a trend. It’s more than just buying sage and crystals. I use them both but I’m also actively doing the work. It’s more than constantly trying to “be positive”. This journey is hard and it can be scary once you start learning and uncovering the truth. But as hard as it is, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’ve learned so much about myself as well as others. I’ve connected to Source and I’ve discovered how powerful my intuition is and what abilities I possess. I’m healing parts of myself that I attempted to bandage up years ago. I’m unpacking bags that have collected dust in the back of my closet. This journey is one of love and light but it’s also darkness. Right now I’m finding balance between the two. 

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