Journal Prompt #6 – A Forgiveness Letter

Journal Prompt

Write a letter to someone you’re trying to forgive.

This past weekend I started writing a letter to my ex. It’s compiled of everything I’ve wanted to say to him since our breakup last March. It’s not a letter I ever intend on him reading, it’s more so a way for me to release. I’m releasing my pain and anger. I’m releasing the trauma caused by the domestic violence I experienced. I’ve been spending a lot of time in reflection recently and it’s given me a chance to see how far I’ve come since things ended with us. There was a point in time where I felt like I couldn’t live without my ex. I depended on him for so much including my happiness. I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d be ok after we broke up. I went on the rebound and started drinking copious amounts of alcohol in one sitting. I was suicidal and traumatized from the events that led to things ending with us. 

Here I am, one year later not just living but thriving without him. Reflecting on the past year made me see that I’ve started realizing my worth. I’ve created internal happiness that has nothing to do with anyone else. I’m realizing I’m whole with or without anyone else. Of course, I’ve made quite a few mistakes since last March but it’s all a part of the journey.

Writing a letter to someone you’re trying to forgive allows you to get everything out. Don’t feel the need to hold back, say exactly what you want to say in the exact way you want to say it. Cuss them out. Tell them you hate them or even that you still love them. Tell them all the ways in which they’ve hurt you. 

Trying to forgive someone is a process. I can’t say that I’ve forgiven my ex yet. For me, I’m still working through everything that transpired but writing a forgiveness letter is a step in the right direction. 

I’m so proud of you for continuing your healing journey. I hope you’re loving on yourself as you navigate this path. I love you. 

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Journal Prompt #6 – A Forgiveness Letter

  1. This is a great journal prompt! Forgiveness is empowering and necessary for us. I think people believe that forgiving is something for the person who committed the wrongdoing. However, it is something that provides relief to us, allowing us to find a way to release. I’m so happy to hear you are healthfully healing from your past relationship. I will definitely give this a try!

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