For the Woman I Loved – Poetry

This poem is a from a spoken word project I’m working on. I’ve never published this piece anywhere and I’ve only let 3 people hear it, one of them being the person it’s about. I wanted my blog to be the first place I shared it publicly. Enjoy.

I’d never been in love with a woman before I met you.

I didn’t know that making love to a woman could leave me feeling high,

That having her grind up and down between my thighs or slide her tongue in between my creases and crevices would drive me crazy.

You drove me crazy.

You hunted me down like a predator searching for its prey,

And in the beginning I played hard to get

but it didn’t take long before I was swept off my feet by your charm.

You’d write me poems, bringing tears to my eyes.

You made me feel I was your one and only…

but it wasn’t long before I discovered the other side of you.

You kept secrets and I found out the truth like I always do.

There was someone else…

Someone you loved more than me.

Someone you shared history with,

and in the blink of an eye, I meant nothing.

How could you?

How could you make me fall in love with you, promise to catch me then move out the way as if you didn’t want this too?

How could we do the things that lovers do only for you to say it was a mistake?

How could you apologize, we give it another try, then you pull the same shit again?

I loved you…

You were the first woman to break me down, causing me to feel things I couldn’t explain

Our love… I couldn’t explain

The pain I felt the day I found out the truth… I couldn’t explain

There were days I couldn’t eat and nights I couldn’t sleep because my thoughts were consumed by you.

You left wounds on my heart that have taken time to heal

And to be real…

If I could do it all again,

The only thing I’d change is that you would have chosen me

Damn…I wish you’d chosen me

I still think about what could’ve been

Back then, you weren’t ready for what I had to give

And what I gave you must not have been enough

Because it was so easy for you to walk away from us

For the woman I loved…

I still hope some day I’ll find you again

And that it’ll be us…

Maybe in another life time

When you’re single

And I’m not damaged

Photo Creds: Pinterest

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