This weeks post will be a short one but I hope it gives you a little inspiration for the upcoming week.


At times it feels like I have hit rock bottom and that there is no where to go. No stairs to climb.. no button to press that will take me up. At times I feel stuck, trapped in with all the negativity. Yet somehow I always rise above it all.


When you hear this word what comes to mind? For me, overcoming my struggles.

Rising above what is thrown your way as an attempt to hold you back.

We’ve entered the second month of 2017 and true enough many of us have planned out how we would like this year to go. As much as we would like a stress free year, that’s not how life works. You can’t avoid it but you can work so that you are not stuck in whatever it may be that is trying to hold you back.

Remember that YOU can and will rise above!

Have a blessed week. ✨

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