This weeks post will be a short one but I hope it gives you a little inspiration for the upcoming week. RISE  At times it feels like I have hit rock bottom and that there is no where to go. No stairs to climb.. no button to press that will take me up. At times […]

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2016 – Reflection + Growth

With 2016 coming to an end I have spent the last few days going through some of my old journals, allowing myself to reflect..not just on this year but on the years that have passed. This year was full of lessons. Lessons + blessings. God closed so many doors, forcing me to end chapters that […]

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Strength + Growth

“You’ve taught me things that no teacher of mine ever could.” At about midnight, opening my notebook I began to write. Poetry began to flow from places I had no idea were still open. As it came I felt tears swelling in my eyes. This was it.. a place I had not been to in […]

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