2016 – Reflection + Growth

With 2016 coming to an end I have spent the last few days going through some of my old journals, allowing myself to reflect..not just on this year but on the years that have passed. This year was full of lessons. Lessons + blessings. God closed so many doors, forcing me to end chapters that I did not not feel I was ready to. I have learned so much and although it was not my greatest year I am ending it peacefully. I am taking a lot of valuable knowledge into 2017.

I am realizing that not everyone can come. 2016 showed me that things come and they go.. People, feelings…etc. They come and they go because not all of it is meant to stay. Accept not only the blessings but the lessons.

Take a look at the people around you for a second and ask yourself: Are they helping or hurting you? In what ways are they adding to your growth? Are these people worth keeping around? Are they supporting you? Pay attention.

I think we can all agree that this year has had its highs and lows. One question that has been ringing in my head is if there is anyone around me who shouldn’t be. Are there any people who are emotionally draining? Are there any negative relationships that I am allowing myself to hold onto? Who am I bringing with me into 2017?

Once you reach a certain point, once you have made a substantial amount of progress you realize that not everyone that is currently around is suppose to be! If it’s doing more harm than it is good, it may be time to remove it. We shouldn’t always wait until the new year approaches to detox our lives but since we’re focusing on the now..this is a great time to do it!

Don’t feel guilty for removing toxic people from your life! Don’t feel guilty for putting yourself first! If it is not helping you grow.. let it go. Remove it. I have learned not to be afraid of letting go and moving forward. Love yourself first! Know your worth and don’t you ever settle for less.

Remember that with growth comes change.

2016- Thank you for everything. The good and bad. The positive and negative experiences. Thank you for all of it.

2017- I am ready for you.

Happy New Year!

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