3/14/23 – Poetry

My world is crumbling around me.

What do I do when the darkness that is depression consumes me?

I could drink away the pain,

Only to have it return once I’m sober.

I could have sex in an attempt to cope,

But I can’t seem to give my body away these days.

And I considered popping pills and ending it all,

But I’m afraid of dying.

When others ask how I’m doing,

I lie and say, “I’m doing well.”

No one knows that it’s all a facade.

What I really want to say is,

I’ve barely slept in days,

And I feel numb.



I feel like I’m such a burden that everyone’s life would be better if I were gone.

Depression has swallowed me whole, and this time, I’m not sure I’ll escape.

But I say I’m fine.

And they don’t even notice,

How red my eyes are from crying.

My world is crumbling around me.

And no one hears my cry for help.

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