Freedom From Disturbance – Poetry

There is something about being out here.

Something that pulls me out of bed each morning, grabs my jacket or pulls a hoodie over my unkempt hair and I am off to breathe in the morning air

Something that I am still trying to figure out, taking pictures that I will later write about

But for now..

I sit on the ground facing dark green bushes and leafless trees

Pondering about my day ahead, trying to decide if I will stay awake or get back into my bed

My hands burn from the freezing temperature but after awhile it no longer bothers me

As I get lost in my imagination, envisioning freedom

It hits me


Here in my backyard, where all negativity is absent

Is freedom from disturbance.


2 thoughts on “Freedom From Disturbance – Poetry

  1. That’s nice! It’s always a good feeling to know something as beautiful as nature can bring out the creativity in someone. Sometimes there is beauty in the madness 🌷🌹

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