In Dark Times


Pushing Through

We become so wrapped up in the negatives that they completely take over and it starts showing in everything we do. I know a lot of people who have really been fighting some tough battles lately, today I just wanted to set aside some time to write in hopes that it will be the light in their darkness.

You have days where you want throw up your hands and scream, “I give up”! At that very moment you see no reason to go on, you can’t think one positive thought. There might have been a time where you did try to give up. No reason to go on or to keep trying when you are not getting the results you hoped for. I have experienced it all. From giving up on trying to find a job to attempting suicide. In those moments I can say I had little to no hope. But I pulled through!

You cannot get trapped in! Pull yourself out! Push, spit, kick your way out if you have to! You might come out wounded but what truly matters is that you came out and I can guarantee that the battle has made you much stronger.

Finding What Works For You

Something I often do when I have reached a low point is talking to myself. You can have a conversation with a friend, sibling, parent or whoever. But do you ever have one with yourself? Ask questions, is there a specific reason you are feeling this way? Did something trigger it? What can you do right then and there to help yourself? Everyone is different and what I do when I’m down and out works for me but you might have something that is just right for you. I read a lot of articles that tell you what you need to do in order to make it through your dark times.. but I am not here to tell you what you must do. I’m here to share my personal experiences and suggest some things that could help you. I’m here as a listening ear to anyone that needs it. I’m here for anyone who might have had a miserable week or a bad start to your morning.. or of course someone who just needed to read something uplifting.

The Negative Side

When you spend all your time and energy on the negatives you slowly start living a dreary life.

Don’t give the negativity a chance to grow. Easy? No. It isn’t impossible though!

Positive Affirmation

The Positive Side

Positive people still have negative thoughts and feelings, they still have people who are trying so hard to bring them down. Instead of allowing all of these things to pull them in and suck them up, they find ways around it.

In life there will always be hard times but it’s about how you react and deal with them. It is through these times that you grow as a person. Do what you can for you! To help you!

Remind yourself every day that giving up is NOT an option.

2 thoughts on “In Dark Times

  1. Hi Jai, you have a beautiful spirit. I couldn’t find your email address, and I don’t do Twitter, Instagram and all that, so I’m just messaging you here. I am setting-up a little meet and greet on Saturday morning, January 30th, and I hope you will join us. If you are interested, please give me your email and I’ll give you a little more info. I’m also going to post something on my blog. I hope you are doing fantastic & I hope we will finally get a chance to meet. Take care! Edward (Positive Journey)

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