Roots – Poetry

I no longer have time,

For those who only want to love my flowers and not my roots

Maybe I’m too much woman

For those who are only used to immaturity

I’m an emotional woman,

And I will no longer apologize for this

Men claim to want me because of my physical appearance

But they have no interest in the various layers that make me who I am

They ask me to undress for them

Yet, they’re unwilling to go beneath the surface

I’m a complex woman,

And to some,

That makes me difficult

I want someone who wants to water me as I water them

Someone who doesn’t require me to change the best parts of myself to fit their idea of what a woman should be

I want someone to love my roots

To care for me during each phase of my growth

I no longer have time,

For those who are only willing to love certain parts of me

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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