4/24/22 – Poetry

I don’t feel pretty.

Most days I struggle to accept what I deem as flaws,

I pick apart the way I look every time I stare at my reflection in the mirror,

And at night, I pray to GOD that when the sun rises,

I’ll get a glimpse of how it feels to be beautiful.

I hide behind layers of makeup because my reality is far too ugly to face.

I don’t feel pretty.

So I constantly compare myself to women on social media,

Wondering what I need to do to be like them.

Maybe if my teeth were straighter,

Or my hair was longer,

Or maybe if I were just a few pants sizes smaller,

I would know what it feels like to love myself.

I don’t feel pretty.

And it started during my childhood,

I was constantly compared to my older sister who’s everything I’ve ever wanted to be.

It left me swimming in insecurities,

And wondering why I wasn’t good enough.

I tell myself that I’ll find self-love when I’m able to change a few things,

But I know the truth is,

If I don’t accept myself exactly as I am right now,

It won’t matter what I change.

I’ll still pick apart my flaws,

Wishing that I looked differently.

I don’t feel pretty most days.

But every now and then,

I look in the mirror and I love my imperfections.

Photo by Inga Gezalian on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “4/24/22 – Poetry

  1. I’ve always hated my fair skin. I wanted a deeper olive tone. That I couldn’t change. I did change my nose in my 20’s and I was very happy with it. Now as a mature woman in my 50’s I wish I hadn’t done it. I think the world of my fathers mother and by giving myself a new nose, I look less like her. I think Kim Kardashian is beautiful looking but I’m the furthest thing from her. My face is long and I don’t care for that either. I don’t like my ‘type’ but I am trying to look better by losing weight. Few women think they are beautiful enough is what a good friend once told me.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I feel like we all have things we wish we could change. I’m also on a weight loss journey. Sometimes we have to accept ourselves exactly as we are even while working to make changes.

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