If These Walls Could Talk – Poetry

If these walls could talk,

They’d have so much to say

They’d talk about the countless nights they heard me sobbing and begging GOD to heal my heart


To let that night be the last one I spent alive

They’d tell the story of the abuse they witnessed

And how they saw a man who claimed he loved me,

Punch me in my face repeatedly 

They’d speak on watching me write furiously in the middle of the night

during a manic episode

And about how they saw me make passionate love to the first man who ever swept me off my feet

They listened as soft moans escaped

my lips while he thrust in and out of me

If these walls could talk,

They’d speak on how they watched a girl consumed in brokenness.

Transform into a woman who’s healing

I went from battered and broken,

To healing and whole

I found happiness on my own 

That no lover could ever compete with

I stopped using sex as a way to fill the void


I no longer escape from my pain through alcohol

If these walls could talk,

They’d have so much to say

Like how they prayed every day

that I’d eventually find my way

And how they’re proud of me for finally learning to love myself

Photo by Donnie Rosie on Unsplash

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