to keep myself going. There have been many times where I have been completely lost.. where I felt like there was nothing else to do but give up.. where I had nothing and nobody. Except for a journal and a pen. It might sound silly to others but writing has saved me from some of my darkest times. Poetry has allowed me to speak out to have a voice, because we all have a voice but not all of us know how to speak out! Journaling has allowed me to release private feelings. Overall I write to gather up my thoughts and feelings so that I can better understand them. I write whether I am in a great mood or a terrible one. To escape from the “real world” and create my own. To know more about Jai..her strengths, weaknesses, her fears, what she loves, what makes her happy, I write to find peace.

I write to say what others want to but for whatever reason they can’t. I write to inspire.. to encourage and motivate people. As I said before writing has saved me many times and I love sharing that with others. If sharing my story helps at least 1 person, then that to me is an accomplishment. When I first started I had no idea that my work would some day help someone else. I never imagined that strangers would reach out to me, thanking me.

My belief is that those who write are writing to be heard. Writing can take many forms and I truly wish the best for all of you and your writing!

Thank you.

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