Goodbye 19 – Journal Entry

6/15/18 – Below is a journal entry I wrote at 8:43 this morning. It’s personal, like most of my content, but it’s different from my usual posts. I’m transitioning and just wanted to share my feelings with all of you. Yesterday I had a conversation with both my mom and significant other. The conversation had […]

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Three Keys to Being a Good Person

             Happy Friday! In my writing course we’ve been learning how to write essays. While essay writing is something I am already familiar with, the weeks spent on creating outlines for class and finally our essays, has helped me improve. This week we were asked to write an essay on what we believe makes a good […]

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Between the Lines

  Part One   I’ve been driving for the past two hours, music blasting, no destination as thoughts of the events that transpired earlier this evening consume my mind. I should have killed them. In a matter of hours my life as I’d known it, was falling apart. How could he? How could she? How […]

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