Goodbye 19 – Journal Entry

6/15/18 – Below is a journal entry I wrote at 8:43 this morning. It’s personal, like most of my content, but it’s different from my usual posts. I’m transitioning and just wanted to share my feelings with all of you. Yesterday I had a conversation with both my mom and significant other. The conversation had […]

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Between the Lines

  Part One   I’ve been driving for the past two hours, music blasting, no destination as thoughts of the events that transpired earlier this evening consume my mind. I should have killed them. In a matter of hours my life as I’d known it, was falling apart. How could he? How could she? How […]

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Venting- Other Half?

Just needed to vent…   I AM LONELY. I feel more alone than I have felt in awhile…not having friends/family to share your greatest moments with SUCKS! Not having them when you need a shoulder to lean on SUCKS! I AM LONELY..but can I be honest? I no longer have to worry about the closest […]

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