How Experiencing Domestic Violence Taught Me to Love Myself

Since 2017, I’ve found myself engulfed in multiple abusive relationships. I left one relationship in which I’d been experiencing physical and emotional abuse for months, only to enter another relationship that turned abusive during the end.  Experiencing domestic violence took a toll on my overall well-being. Physically, my bruises healed, but mentally I was still […]

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Why Do People Self-Harm?

The first time I engaged in self-harm, I was 11. I was severely bullied at school and lived in a toxic and dysfunctional household. I don’t remember how I learned about self-injurious behavior, I just remember deciding to cut myself. I did it once. Then twice. Then again and again. Every time I felt depressed […]

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6/18/22 – Journal Entry

On Thursday, June 16th, I celebrated my 24th bearthday. I met the day with deep gratitude. My day was filled with smiles, singing, dancing, and good vegan food. I felt an overwhelming sense of contentment. It feels a bit bittersweet to be walking into a new chapter of life. A part of me is terrified […]

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How to Find Joy in Solitude

Before the end of 2020, I struggled with being alone. I spent most of my life jumping in and out of relationships and even when I wasn’t in a relationship, I felt the need to keep someone around me. The thought of being alone terrified me. I now know this was because I didn’t like […]

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