How Experiencing Domestic Violence Taught Me to Love Myself

Since 2017, I’ve found myself engulfed in multiple abusive relationships. I left one relationship in which I’d been experiencing physical and emotional abuse for months, only to enter another relationship that turned abusive during the end.  Experiencing domestic violence took a toll on my overall well-being. Physically, my bruises healed, but mentally I was still […]

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PTSD After Domestic Violence

TRIGGER WARNING: Domestic Violence Being in two different relationships where I experienced domestic violence has been traumatizing. It completely changed the way I viewed myself as well as the way I viewed men. The first time I was physically abused, I was 18. I’d been seeing him for a few months and there were so […]

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2/13/21 – Poetry

The first time I ever saw a woman being abused I was around 8 or 9 My mother left for a date with her boyfriend at the time, I recall hearing an argument ensue outside My curious mind led to me peeking out the blinds, And just as I peered out the window, I witnessed […]

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