Between the Lines – Part Four

Recap: “You deserve this. Goodbye Devin Lee Cummings.” Two more pushes and he’d have been in the water… but I noticed something. As I went to unbutton his shirt, I was interrupted. “Stop! Police!” I froze. “I’ve got a pulse, get me paramedics!” one of the officers yelled. “Kim Cummings,” a male officer grabbed my […]

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Between the Lines – Part Two

Part Two      I knew Kamia would be asleep so it came as no surprise when she still hadn’t answered after the 5th call. It was nearly 4 in the morning, and from the looks of things my only option was to drive out there and bang on the door until Maya, her friend’s mother […]

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Between the Lines

  Part One   I’ve been driving for the past two hours, music blasting, no destination as thoughts of the events that transpired earlier this evening consume my mind. I should have killed them. In a matter of hours my life as I’d known it, was falling apart. How could he? How could she? How […]

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