Coping Skills

Happy Sunday! Today I want to share an updated list of coping skills. While I have yet to try them all, the ones I’ve tried have been beneficial to my mental health. My hope is that you can take a few (or all) of these and implement them into your life as needed. Coping Skills […]

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Coping with the Holidays

Whether you’re dealing with going home for the holidays, memories of lost loved ones, or depressive symptoms due to the season, this time of year can be rough for some of us. Last year on Christmas I posted the following. For the past few years I’ve been in the psychiatric hospital around October, November or […]

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Identifying Your Triggers

Living with bipolar disorder and anxiety, identifying my triggers is crucial in managing my mental health conditions. For me, knowing what triggers certain emotions or even full blown episodes has allowed me to act sooner in controlling the potential outcomes. Before beginning this blog post, I sat down and wrote out a few of my […]

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