8/3/21 – Poetry

I’m tired of catching feelings for those who will never feel the same

Falling for women who seek to cause me pain

Or men who only want one thing


Every time I put my heart on the line

I’m left to pick up the pieces

Because they’ll never love me back

I once got down on my hands and knees and begged a man to stay with me

Shedding tears while hoping he had just an ounce of feeling left for me

Am I not deserving of being loved the way that I love?

Giving my all for someone who won’t even give me half of them

Becoming attached to those who will eventually abandon me

And maybe I’m just a fool

Because I ignore the red flags convincing myself it’s nothing

I allow others to hurt me because feeling something is better than nothing

If I’m hurt again it may result in my demise

I… can’t take anymore

There’s no more pieces of my heart to break

Others only want to take and take and I have nothing left to give

I’m trying to suppress this ache in my chest as if I’m not wounded

As if I’ve never known what it feels like to have my heart stomped on repeatedly

It’s killing me…

Not knowing if I’ll ever find someone who loves me unconditionally

Or if I’ll be stuck in the cycle of heartbreak indefinitely

Photo by Marah Bashir on Unsplash

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