5/22/21 – Poetry

I promise this will be the last time I cry over you

And that this was our last time reconnecting

Because every time we find our way back to each other it ends with you hurting me

Many women have tried to make me fall over the years

But you’re the only one I deemed worthy of having my heart

And now look at me,

Once again I’m picking up the pieces you left me in

I knew eventually this emotional roller coaster ride would come to a halt and that our love would be on the line

Tonight I take a shot for all the times you told me you loved me

And all the times you made me cry

I’ll take another as I reminisce on the passion I felt every time we kissed

And another for every memory of us making love

I can still feel my nails digging into your back,

I’ll drink until I fade into oblivion

And in the morning I’ll rise and paint a smile on my face


I’m not broken.


You didn’t get my hopes up again.


I didn’t allow you to bring your rain into my sunshine.


I don’t miss you every day.

I start to text you but I stop myself from the embarrassment I know it’ll cause

Because if you wanted me,

You wouldn’t have allowed me to walk away so easily

You wouldn’t have treated me like I’m disposable

I wish loving you didn’t cost me loving myself

It was either you or me

So I decided to leave you be

And set myself free

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