The Morning After – Poetry


The morning after is always awkward.

The way they look at you as they slip into their clothes that were scattered across the room

You walk them to the door and they promise to call you later

But truth is,

It was just a fuck

A one night stand

Truth is,

You’ll probably never hear from them again

Which is fine by you because sex with them was nothing more than trying to fill a void

You used them to try and replace the missing pieces your ex left when they walked out of your life

This is the third time this week you’ve slept with someone just looking to ease the pain

Don’t you get tired of using sex to cope?

Doesn’t it become exhausting constantly giving yourself away?

Exchanging energy with demons then wondering why you feel off balance

Wondering why your life is a living hell…

It’s time to heal.

It’s time to heal from the trauma you’ve been fucking just to forget about.

It’s time to unpack your baggage and deal with the shit going on inside of you

Stop letting these men get up inside of you

It’s time to ground yourself in self-love and realize all you’re deserving of

Your ex left you wounded but it’s time to get back up

No more fucking just to ease the pain

Because when he leaves the morning after,

You’ll start to feel it all over again

Photo by Jackson David on Unsplash

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