11/30/20 – Poetry

I miss being in love.

I miss waking up, rolling over, and kissing my lover with last nights sleep still on my breath

I miss the moments when we’re half asleep and they roll over, put their arms around me, and pull me close

I miss the fights that turned into make-up sex

I miss those daily texts

I miss the smile that spreads across my face when they’re talking about something that excites them

I miss being in love.

I miss coming home to foot rubs and having someone ask how my day was

I miss exposing our souls to one another

I miss carrying someone else’s heart in my hands ever so gently

I miss trusting…

Trusting someone to catch me as I fall

Risking it all…

Because to me, love is worth it

I miss celebrating holidays and creating new traditions together

I miss Sundays… you know?

Cleaning our home and cuddling as the coffee brews

I miss having someone support my life work as a writer

I miss walking down the street, hand in hand

I miss the protection from a man

I miss the calmness a woman brings

Damn, I miss being in love

Photo by Ricardo Esquivel on Unsplash

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