8/23/19 – Poetry

You give me the love I desired from every man and woman who ever broke my heart.

You touch my body in ways that give me tearful orgasms.

With you, I feel a love the hopeless romantic in me dreamed of.

The kind of love you see in cheesy romance movies.

You hold my hand as we dance our way through life.

You hold my hand as we build together.

When I’m surrounded by darkness, your light shines brightly.

You make all the heartache I’ve endured worth it.

We share pieces of ourselves no one else has seen.

I love you.

I tell you as if it isn’t obvious.

I tell you as if my actions don’t speak louder than any words ever will.

I love who you are and who you were before our paths ever crossed.

I love your imperfections and all the things you secretly wish you could change.

I love the stories you tell through your music.

I love your heart that you so willingly trusted me with.

I love you.

I’ll show you until the end of our time.

No amount of rhymes I write will suffice. 

Photo by Daan Stevens on Unsplash

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