Creating A Morning Routine

Having a morning routine is a great way to carve out time for yourself before diving into your day. A morning routine consists of various activities designed to set the tone for your day. For some people this looks like meditation and yoga, for others they wake up and head to the gym. For me, I fall somewhere in between. I dedicate an hour or two in the morning to my morning routine. While this works for me, I understand not everyone has the luxury of doing this. Part of creating a healthy morning routine is about finding what works for you. This could be waking up at a time that will allow you 20-30 minutes to yourself. Today, I want to share my morning routine with you and offer some suggestions along the way.

My morning routine

  • 6:00 AM Wake up. Okay, I have to be honest. I don’t wake up at 6 in the morning everyday, but I try to most days because I love waking up early.
  • Coffee & Meditation – After I wake up, I hydrate with water sitting on my nightstand and head to the kitchen to make my coffee. While my coffee is brewing, I meditate for 10-20 minutes. IMG_3305[2833]
  • Journaling & Reading – Once I’m finished meditating and my coffee is ready, I make my bed and go into my living room. I spend about 20-30 minutes writing in my journal and reading. The book I’m currently reading is All About Love by bell hooks. After this, I look at my planner and create my to-do list for the day. IMG_3155[2832]
  • Yoga & Workout – These are two habits I’m still working on practicing more. I love yoga but I fell off with practicing daily and am starting to pick it back up. I also try to workout at least three days a week.
  • Breakfast – Once I finish all of this, I might have a light breakfast if I’m feeling hungry. Lately I’ve enjoyed eating oatmeal topped with an apple cut into chunks and cinnamon.

There’s something special about being able to have a slow morning. I enjoy creating time for my morning routine to ensure I’m performing at my best. If you’re interested in creating a morning routine the best place to start is looking at what habits you would like to build. Are you wanting to workout or read more? Knowing what you want to do more of creates the foundation for your morning routine. Another suggestion I have is to wake up early enough so you have enough time for your routine. If you know you have work or school in the morning, get up an hour or two before you start getting ready.

Do you have a morning routine? Tell me about it down in the comments!

Photo by David Mao on Unsplash

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