30-Day Meditation Challenge: Week 2 Update

It’s a new month and I’m so excited for everything September has to offer! This week, I’m stopping by with a quick update on the meditation challenge. I increased my meditation time to a total of 10 minutes. Increasing the time I practice is testing my patience. Meditation allows me to sit still and observe my thoughts and feelings. However, this isn’t always easy. Some days I struggle with focusing because my mind is jumping around. I know the purpose of meditation isn’t to stop your thoughts, but this can be distracting. One suggestion I have if you have a racing mind is to turn your attention to your breathing. For each inhale, silently repeat inhale and for each exhale repeat exhale. This has helped me to refocus.

One of my goals with this meditation challenge is to manage my anxiety. I’ve been struggling with crippling anxiety for years. I’ve heard of the benefits mediation can offer when it comes to anxiety and hope that as I continue to practice, I will notice a shift. I also plan to increase my time once again to 15-20 minutes.


If you’ve joined to meditation challenge, let me know what’s working for you.

Also, check out my week 1 update if you haven’t already.

Take care.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


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