Soothing Sundays – 8 Ways to Prepare for the Week

It’s Monday morning and you roll your eyes as you climb out of bed to start your day. You eat breakfast and go through your morning routine until finally, you’re ready to start your work day. As you glance at your planner, you sigh out of frustration. You hate Monday and you’re unprepared.

One of the ways to ensure you’re ready for the upcoming week is to spend your Sunday preparing. It’s no secret I love Sunday because it’s my day to truly relax but I also love Sunday because I’m able to take time and prepare for the week ahead. This helps me stay organized and feel like my life has some structure. When we go into a new week blind, we set ourselves up for failure. Many of us dread Monday because it’s back to work or school. Even if the end of the weekend brings you chills, scheduling time to set up your week can result in less stress and may even reduce the amount of times you roll your eyes on Monday. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Make a list of what you need to do/accomplish. Having a copy of everything you need to get done for the day helps you stay on task.
  • Do a week review. This is a great way to look back on the previous week. What did you accomplish? What things did you need or want to do that you didn’t? What’s something good that happened to you? Grab a piece of paper and review your week.
  • Meal prep. This is something I plan to start doing. It guarantees you have meals for the week and saves you time. Take a moment to plan and prep your meals if you can.
  • Clean and organize. It’s important to have a clean home. Cleaning your space can benefit your health and eliminate distractions. Plus, waking up to a clean home is refreshing.
  • Check your calendar/planner. This will help you see if you have any important events coming and give you time to plan for them.
  • List your top 3 priorities for Monday. Listing your top 3 priorities gives you a better understanding of what you need to focus on Monday morning.
  • Relax. You had long week, so it only makes sense you create time for relaxation. You can spend this time reading, catching up on your favorite show or even doing nothing at all.
  • Practice self-care. This goes hand-in hand with a few of the other tips. Self-care is the act of taking care of yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Your self-care may look different than someone else’s but it’s ultimately about doing what’s best for you.


Photo by Cheryl Winn-Boujnida on Unsplash

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