Bipolar Disorder & Relationships

“I have bipolar disorder.” My pulse increased with each beat as I confessed my fate to my current boyfriend. It was our first date. Our first time meeting and here we were baring our souls to one another. Although my mental health condition was no secret, writing about it on my blog and discussing it in person were two completely different things. As our conversation progressed, I went into depth about what my episodes entail. Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder characterized by severe mood swings. These mood swings, also known as episodes, are categorized as “highs” and “lows”. The highs, mania. The lows, depression. These episodes are more than the everyday ups and downs. It’s crucial to understand what bipolar is… and what it isn’t.

I’ve craved love since a young age, I’ve also struggled with depression for the same amount of time. Having bipolar and being in a…

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