To The Person Who Falls In Love With Me – Poetry


To the person who falls in love with me,

Before we go further there’s somethings I think you should know.

I’ve been writing since my mother birthed me.

Paper and pen became my bestfriend when the others turned against me.

So there may be days where I drift away…

Notebook and pen in hand,

I’ll write of how I finally let you in,

How I started over again.

I’ll write of how I made you work twice as hard as those from my past.

How I doubted you and assumed the effort you were putting in wouldn’t last.

I’ll write of how you saw me naked and still chose to stay.

I showed you Jaila and exposed all of her demons. Told you about all those childhood secrets.

You’ve seen me at my worst and yet I’m somehow still everything you’ve ever wanted.

You’ve discovered what I’m passionate about and you’re aware that the little things mean the most to me.

To the person who falls in love with me,

I’ll go above and beyond for you,

I’ll do those things I did for the underserving and more,

Because you deserve more.

I’ll carry your heart in ways that I’ve never carried my own,

I’ll allow you to implant your seeds in me so that we can build a love that feels like home.

Something I’ve never known…

I promise to do all that I can to keep you happy.

And on the days where the sun isn’t shining…

I’ll still choose you.

On those days where our Love seems to be on the line…

I’ll still choose us.

To the person who falls in love with me,

I am shattered but some day I’ll be whole again.

Only then can I let you in and give you all of me.


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