Life With Asperger’s – Interview

Sharing my past mental-health related blog posts.

As a mental health advocate I believe it’s crucial for me to discuss and spread awareness on topics and conditions other than the ones I live with. April is National AutismAwareness month. This condition was something I knew little about before meeting my significant other, Haven. He was diagnosed with Asperger’s at a young age. Asperger’s, is considered “high functioning” on the autism spectrum. However, it’s still affected his life. Autism is a developmental disorder. In my recent research I discovered that in 2013 the DSM-5 replaced Asperger’s and other developmental disorders with the term Autism Spectrum Disorder. Meaning that Asperger’s is no longer a diagnoses and anyone who was previously diagnosed with the condition is now considered to have Autism Spectrum Disorder. That being said, this interview was conducted before I knew that and since his original diagnoses was Asperger’s, I will refer to it as such. Knowing that April was approaching I…

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