Bipolar Disorder Part 2 – Seeing the Positive

Sharing my past mental-health related blog posts.

Once I began to accept my illness I was able to be more open with others about it.

So where am I now? What changes have I made?

As I sat in my former psychiatrist’s office listening to her ask questions about my symptoms… I knew what was coming next. I remember reading something about bipolar disorder and seeing some of the symptoms all I could think was that it sounded a lot like what I was dealing with. It all made sense now… So hearing her say those words “You have bipolar disorder,” it wasn’t much of a surprise at that point..but that didn’t mean I wasn’t scared. A lot of the other doctors I have had to see never took the time to sit and explain things to me.. or to comfort me. She did both and it made the whole process much easier.

I felt relieved but…

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