Bipolar Disorder Part 1 – Being Diagnosed

Sharing my past mental-health related blog posts.

Before being diagnosed with bipolar disorder I knew very little about what this illness truly was. At the time my diagnosis was major depression, and while I did quick Google searches here and there I never took the necessary steps to educate myself.

Through out the years my mom would speak on what she believed was going on and what she believed was that I had bipolar disorder. Her ex, who was living with us was the one who recognized the symptoms from a previous relationship that he was in.

See, the doctors, they weren’t around me 24/7. They weren’t there to witness the highs and lows. Most of what I felt back then was sadness and anger. I remember my first therapist.. She was an older lady that I hardly spoke to and when I did speak I was rude. I didn’t want to be there, for what? These…

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