Three Keys to Being a Good Person

             Happy Friday! In my writing course we’ve been learning how to write essays. While essay writing is something I am already familiar with, the weeks spent on creating outlines for class and finally our essays, has helped me improve. This week we were asked to write an essay on what we believe makes a good person. The feedback I have received from my teacher has encouraged me to share one of my essays with you.
Three Keys to Being a Good Person
Jaila Macklin
Ding Dong. The doorbell rang and as I made my way down the stairs, a million scenarios played in my head. On the other side of the door was Kayley, a girl I once considered my best friend. I knew she was here to fight me from the threats she had posted in recent Facebook statuses. Opening the door, I was greeted with a friendly smile. One that made me forget about all the ways in which she had betrayed me. As I looked into her heartless hazel eyes, I wondered what makes someone a good person. There are many attributes that make up a good person, chief among these are: self-love, honesty, and acceptance.
There’s a saying that goes “you can’t love another if you don’t love yourself. Recent years have proven this statement true. Self-love is the first and most important quality of a good person. Knowing and loving yourself allows you to share your love with others. When you take care of your home you can make room for company. Having knowledge of self or self-awareness allows you to contemplate your choices. This strength keeps you from doing things that could potentially put you or others in harms way. The final ingredient to the self-love recipe is respect. Treating yourself with respect means you will treat those around you the same way.
In addition to self-love, honesty also makes a good person. When you’re honest with others, they will deem you trustworthy. Being a trusted source ensures others give you the respect you deserve. Honesty and trust go hand-in-hand with loyalty. Loyal people know the secrets of friends but make sure to keep them locked away.
The final attribute of a good person is being accepting. An accepting individual knows how to communicate with people of diverse backgrounds. This shows others that they can be themselves around you, leaving them comfortable. Acceptance also leaves room for compassion. A compassionate person is one who shows a balance of sympathy and empathy. He/she is able to show others they care about their struggles while simultaneously placing themselves in that person’s position. Lastly, reassuring others that you are a shoulder to lean on leaves a great impression.
Reflecting back on that day I stood there face to face with the hazel eyed monster, I understand that she lacked each of these characteristics. To be a good person, first you should be at peace with yourself. Once you’ve mastered that, everything else will align.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this essay and also what you think makes a good person!


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