Choosing ME before WE – Book Review

January Book Review

Choosing ME before WE



Welcome to the first book review of 2018! Before we dive in, let’s look at how my book reviews will be set up. Section 1, “Synopsis” will be a summary of what the book entails. Section 2, “My Thoughts” will uncover how I feel about the read and what I took away from it. Section 3, “Rating” will give readers a 1 through 10 rating of the book. Finally, section 4, “Book of the Month” will have the new months book. For example, February’s book of the month will be featured at the end of this post.


         Choosing ME before WE by Christine Arylo is said to be a guide for all women on life and love. Each chapter is compiled of useful information certain to empower every woman who picks the book up. In between the pages are “Me Reflections” and “Delving Deeper” sections. According to the books introduction, the “Me Reflections” are the readers time to sit and ruminate on the questions asked while the “Delving Deeper” section helps you to apply what you’ve learned in each chapter, to your life. This book is meant to increase your self-awareness and remind you that before you get into a relationship and become WE, you must have ME together.

                         My Thoughts

 I didn’t realize how uncomfortable this book would make me until I stumbled upon the “Know Your Holes; Heal Your Holes section.” Arylo discusses how being aware of your holes allows the chance for healing and making yourself whole again. The “Me Reflections” first bullet point asked me to think back through my life and answer what experiences have been difficult and what’s been painful about being ME. Next, I was asked which if any of these things have I healed. I found myself writing out a list of every experience that has been painful and damaging. As I started pondering about whether these things have been healed I found myself stuck, forced to be honest with myself. There were things on that list that happened to me when I was a child, not yet healed. Situations I didn’t realize were presently affecting me. Choosing ME before WE helped me sort through who I was, am, and am growing to be. It caused me to get real about myself and my relationships while offering tips on how to work towards change.

This isn’t some self-help book thrown together by a professional who thinks their degree equates to the many struggles women face. Christine Arylo opens up about how she once went against everything she now stands for. She talks about her experiences including nearly marrying the wrong man. If I had a choice, every woman would own a copy of this book!


Book ratings will be judged from 1 through 10 with 1 being “It’s a no for me dawg..” and 10 being “Go buy this book NOW!”

My rating for this book is 10. dancingbook


                                          February’s Book of the Month

This month I will be reading The Little Black Book of Success – Laws of Leadership for Black Women




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