I Am Capable

Hey guys! It’s been awhile since I have published any blog posts, I’d first like to apologize to my readers and go on by saying I have so much in store for my blog! I have made some changes to theme so my whole site looks different. I plan to start back blogging…consistently. Today I wanted to share a few positive words with you all.

I woke up this morning realizing that I am off track. From school, trying to work, writing, and just staying on top of everything, my life seems to be completely off track. I had a moment of discouragement as I was journaling and started to put myself down.

Sometimes I think we forget that how we talk to ourselves is everything. I definitely have those moments where I’m putting myself down by saying things like “I am so stupid.” Or feeling like I’m not doing enough. At the time I’m not even aware of the damage I am doing, I am not being mindful of what I am feeding myself.

I had to remind myself that I am capable and that’s where today’s affirmation comes from.

We can’t grow if we’re feeding ourselves negativity. As of now, I am working on being nicer to myself and treating myself better.


Have a great week!

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