Am I crazy or expecting you to stay. In the time that we’ve been together my insecurities have become unbearable. So why are you still here? Is it the love you say you feel for me? Is it the heart that beats so fast when we’re near one another.. then slows down as if you’re at peace when I’m laying on your chest. The heart I hold in my hands. Most would have been gone when I showed the other sides of me. You know … The sensitive one. The insecure one. The angry one. The manic one. The depressed one. The “crazy” one. But you’re here. You still choose to stay and I’m wrecking my brain trying to figure out why.

– Jai

2 thoughts on “6/16

  1. Dear Jai: Your words struck me like a beam from a Lighthouse to a ship in the storm; , hope to hold onto, I’m not alone in my sea of thoughts of not being enough. I hold on for dear life to the good that today is, knowing the storm will come again, when I least expect it. Knowing bit by bit,little by little helps chip away the dark shadows that consume my head. Today I hold on tight to the “Jesus beams” of sunshine, lighting today’s path is all I need for today.
    Love and light,

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