Goal Setting

Yesterday I did some brainstorming for new blog post topics. I have been wanting to type up a new post for the last week or so but have had no idea what it is I’d talk about.

So here I am on this beautiful Monday morning, sipping my coffee, ready for the day ahead! Today’s post will focus on goal setting. Last Wednesday I woke up and said something needs to change! Something is missing, I’m feeling myself go backwards instead of forward. I am not waking up every day and working at my full potential. I am not taking the time out to reevaluate, decide what changes need to be made, and working to make those changes happen! Last Wednesday I sat at the table in my bedroom and as Erykah Badu blessed my ears, I did some goal setting. Is this new for me? No! I previously wrote out short-term goals I had for myself and planned out what I would do each day to achieve these goals but this wasn’t as successful as it could have been. Some days I would try to stick with the plan but most I’d go over my goals, tell myself I’ll do this or that and later on come up with an excuse on why I could put it off for another day. I was not committed to reaching these goals. You have to be committed! Even when you are at your lowest! No motivation.. nothing lifting you up. These are the times you must push yourself to work. These are the times you must go over your goals and envision every step you’re about to take to make it happen. It’s easy to say that you will do something or that you want something but are you willing to put forth the effort to get it? Regardless of what you say, actions speak louder than words. By setting goals you are giving yourself something to work towards.

Here are a few tips to help with setting your goals:

What is it that you really want? This is something you should take some time to think about so that your goals match your mindset.

  • Set goals that you are looking forward to, goals that will motivate you. In what way are these goals going to help you? Look at the long-term goals you have for yourself and decide what you can do now to bring you one step closer to them.

Most of us have long-term goals but we are not doing any and everything to reach these.

  • You should set clear and precise goals. Goals that are reasonable. 
  • Write them down. I have three note cards labeled goal 1, goal 2, and goal 3 and on the other side I have each of my goals written down. When you write out your goals you are clarifying what it is you want. You have a daily reminder of why it is you are working hard! 
  • My last tip is to set up a specific plan on how you will achieve your goals. 

Of course, setting goals and making a plan is just the first part, now that you’ve done this it’s time to get to work!

Have a great Monday!

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